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Philosophy through development.

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About Content Theory

Content Theory by definition “explains why human needs change over time.” But not how. These theories explain the specific factors that motivate behavior. But they are inherently theoretical. They are there to provide context. So, then is this blog.

I’m a human. I am now learning how to code, and I need to do this because code makes software which improves the way people can do things with machines.

I have found that the more coding I do, the more I learn about the relationship between people and machines, which in some respect is becoming the thing that defines the nature of our world (as long as we have electricity, but the digression into dystopian fantasies is a topic for another blog…).

So on Content Theory you’ll find some of my code samples (that will hopeuflly improve over time); insights and discoveries that I’ve made along the way; and highlights of the projects I’m taking on so that I can keep learning, and make great tools that I can use. I’m also going to be getting involved in contributing to open source projects over time, as I think that’s a really cool way to learn more and meet and work with other developers.