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Eric Andrade

Philosophy through development.

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I’ve been honing my coding skills over the past several weeks in a web development bootcamp, called The Firehose Project. Since I’ve started, I have built two web applications, gotten a very in-depth look at Test Driven Development (TDD), and been put through some very tough coding challenges (and one very humbling re-factoring exercise in front of 27 of my classmates!).

This blog is the first of many of my personal coding projects to reinforce what I’m learning about web development, and to showcase the skills I’m bringing to bear in the marketplace. It was built using Jekyll, which is based in Ruby and is a very cool way to serve up static pages on the web.

The topics on this blog will mostly cover technology, and be centered around web design, web application development, and any other interesting related technology I learn about along the way that is worth sharing.